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The Fishermen’s road connects the fishing village of Petritis with the old settlement of Korakades and the historic villages of the hinterland.

Loop of Korission Lagoon follows the perimeter of Korission Lagoon, highlighting its unique ecosystem and the fishing and agricultural activities taking place around it.

The navigable river and Lefkimmi salt lake offers a special tour that combines the settlement of Lefkimmi and its more natural elements, such as the navigable river and salt flats.

Path through the forest and shepherd’s trail takes you through the mixed forest of Agios Mattheos (St. Matthew) and then, it descents through the mixed forest of Agios Mattheos towards Chalikounas with a magnificent view towards Korission Lagoon.

Around Agios Mattheos Mountain offers a tourthat can be taken by car or by bicycle around Agios Mattheos (St Matthew) mountain.