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Petritis Ecomuseum

The Ecomuseum is a new point of convergence between place and people which endeavours to create an integrated whole made up of parts, much like the word that describes it (Eco: a place of engagement between land and people + Museum).
It is not contained within four walls, like conventional museums, nor is it manifested through static exhibits, but highlights routes along which visitors can learn more about the life and the features of the place they have come to see.

The Petritis and South Corfu Ecomuseum aims to highlight the marine and coastal heritage of South Corfu by focusing on three main visitor areas: the fishing village of Petritis, Korission Lagoon and the Lefkimmi salt flats. These areas are rich in cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, which testify to the strong interaction of local communities with the marine and coastal environment through the centuries.

Through a Network of Cultural Routes, you will get a closer look at the fishing communities and historic villages of the hinterland and the sensitive coastal ecosystems that are part of the Corfu landscape.