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Football Academy

Football Academy

“All children need a little help, a little hope and someone to make them believe in themselves.” M
agic Johnson

The Academies of A.O Asteras Petritis were created in 1992 in order to teach football to the little friends of the village of Petritis and the surrounding areas. The primary concern of academies is the promotion of health and the assimilation of fundamental principles such as patience, perseverance, teamwork, cooperation and hardwork.

The philosophy of the academies of A.O. Asteras Petritis is the teaching of the sport with modern methods, so that young footballers can be trained in basic and special skills of the sport, acquiring a comprehensive understanding and football skills that will help them in their later development in the field of football.

A.Asteras Petritis retains the power of academies K14 and K10, which take part in the championships of the EPC Corfu. The total number of children enrolled in its academies is 40 children aged 6 to 15. The participation of the little football fans in the academies of A.O. Asteras Petritis, gives them the opportunity to gain solid foundations for their later course in the men’s team of the club.

Coaching Team: Stathopoulos Alexandros, Gardikiotis Giorgos

Academies Manager: Stoupas Leonidas