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The old village of Korades is located on a hill 121 meters from the sea level. It belongs to the Local District of Petritis, of the Municipality of South Corfu.

As a settlement, it has its origin sits in the depth of years. The Crows have been recorded in a Government Gazette sheet since 1652, while in the census of 1684 36 families are listed. About two centuries later, in 1864, 140 inhabitants were registered, including 79 males and 61 females. In 1866 they belong to the Municipality of Korissia founded in accordance with the B.D. 8-5-1866 (Government Gazov, 9/28-1-1866), based in the village “Argyrades”. The 1907 census shows a significant increase in the population of the Crows, 340 inhabitants (177 males and 163 females). According to local tradition, it is rumored that the first inhabitants were Saracen pirates. Due to the piracy that prevailed in those times (inaccurate chronology), security provided only altitudes that had good visibility at sea but at the same time difficult accessibility. On the basis of these criteria, the former pirates chose this location, judging it as safe and “eliminating” the pirate status, engaged in fishing. The name of the village came from the crows that built their nests on this hill. The hill is located above boukari and Petritis bays.

The “deso
lation”About 40 years ago, due to some severe landslides, the inhabitants of the Koracans were forced to seek a new place of residence. The then government moved the village to a safer place, the current settlement of Petriti. Expropriating large areas of the settlement (property of an old palatial family, he distributed them to the families of the residents of the village of Korakades, thus ensuring their safe transportation. The modern stream of the new settlement is evident and the result of hard work of the “Korakatites”, which were possessed by the toil.

Korades today
Having all been moved to the modern seaside village of Petriti, some chose not to leave their homes and despite the landslides that occurred remained in the Koracada to this day. In recent years there have been some reconstructions in the village as well as rebuilding houses in the area.