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Revival in Petritis of the custom of "Varkarola"

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It is a famous festival that takes place in Petritis every summer. The custom touches on the religious tradition of Christianity.

According to religious tradition on this day celebrates the island the miracle of Agios Spyridonas. The Saint saved the island from the siege of the Ottoman Empire at the expense of Venetian-occupied Corfu on August 11, 1716, in the context of the Seventh Venetian-Turkish War.

The sea fills small boats that light up. The naval struggle given to protect the island is projected before the eyes of thousands of visitors of Petritis. The vagina gets color and light. There is a re-enactment of the episode of the uprising, then there is the famous “Varkarola”, a parade of boats from where Choirs sing traditional songs with various performances inspired by the imagination and the traditions of the island, with the local dancers dancing at sea, under the sounds of the songs. At the end of Varkarola, a boat is on fire and fireworks explode to commemorate the burning of the Turkish navy during the siege. The sweet melodies and the beautiful spectacle gather crowds along the harbour. The end of the parade is followed by spectacular fireworks that illuminate the August sky with thousands of colors. It is said that the island was saved that night by the Turks, when Saint Spyridon appeared holding in one hand the cross and in the other a candle.

This is a recurring event. Repeating every year.