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Island of ” Lady of Vlacherna”

Votserna peninsula was located between the sandy beaches “Plaka” (South beach) and “Potamaki” (Petriti beach). Over time, however, the waves devoured the arm of the peninsula and only its tip, which is a small island, remained. At the edge of the peninsula (today’s island that used to be larger) there was a small church-monastery, of Panagia Vlacherna.

It was built there, because the icon of the Virgin Mary was found there in the 1530s AD. Unfortunately later in a Turkish raid the monastery was destroyed. The icon of the Virgin Mary was transferred from 1753 to the mansion of the Byzantine lord Petriti or Petretinos in the area of ​​Agripos (today’s Petriti). Petretinos donated his mansion in the following years to the Palatianos family. Over time the church in the courtyard of the mansion was neglected and destroyed. Today in the village of Petriti (ancient Egripos) which took its name from the Byzantine lord Petriti or Petretino, a newer church has been built and operates, in the shape of a basilica with a sloping roof and a nave, dedicated to Panagia ton Vlacherna and Agia Kerkyra.