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Cultural Association

Cultural Association

“Let’s all get closer, share activities, care about each other.
Learn as much as possible.

The Cultural Association of Petriti was founded in November 1980, with the aim of developing and exploiting the cultural level of the region.

An important part of all the years of the club’s activities is the operation of creative departments and activities: Choir and Dance. The events of our Association take place during the summer months (Feast of Panagia Vlaherna, Varkarola, Cultural Weekend, Fish Festival, etc.). The participation of the Cultural Association in events extends to the wider area of Corfu but also outside the island.

The Cultural Association has set up a Voluntary Blood Donation Group in order to serve when and where necessary with the administration of blood bottles.

Regular Members:

  1. President: Vasilios Lesis of Andreas
  2. Vice President: Andreas Stoupas of Theodoros
  3. Born. Secretary: Eleni Vlachopoulou of Georgios
  4. Treasurer: Ioanna Kourtesi of Michael
  5. Consultant: Antonios Georgopalis of The Kingdom


  1. Spyridon Stoupas of Aristophanes
  2. Charalambos Kourtesis of Spyridon
  3. Stoupas Konstantinos of Demetriou
  4. Stamatila Iseri of Athanasios

Audit Committee:

  1. Nikolaos Kourtesis of Sofia
  2. Nikolaos Kourtesis of Despina
  3. Constantinos Pagkratis of Theodoros


  1. Anastasia Kourtesi of Georgiou