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Around Agios Mattheos mountain

Route 5

The route offers a tour that can be taken by car or by bicycle around Agios Mattheos (St Matthew) mountain.

12.00 km

Route: Agios Mattheos – Gardiki Castle – Prasoudi – Elaionas (Olive grove) – Agios Nikolaos – Skala-Paramonas – Agios Mattheos

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Starting at the settlement of Agios Mattheos (1), you soon approach the imposing Gardiki Castle (2), which is a listed historical monument built when Corfu was part of the Epirus Despotate (1214-1267). The Grava rockshelter (3) is about 300 metres from the Byzantine castle and is accessible over a trail off the main road. The cave was a seasonal resting point for groups of hunters in the Upper Palaeolithic Age (20,000-12,000 years ago). Continuing through the impressive grove of century-old olive trees, you can enjoy your coastal tour during and stop in at the quiet beach of Prasoudi (4) and then Agios Nikolaos harbour (5). That is where the fishermen from Agios Mattheos would moor their boats and store their catches. This function has been moved to Skala-Paramonas(6). From there, through thickly vegetated terrain, you find your way back to Agios Mattheos, where you can sample the locally produced olive oil before concluding your tour. Read More
Route 5
Route 5