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AO Asteras Petriti

AΟ Asteras Petritis

AO Asteras Petriti-Champion EPS Corfu 2015-2016

“The groups make history.”

Asteras Petriti is a historical team of Corfu, which is at the height of its course for the last 15 years, in which it stars in the championship of A1 EPC Corfu. The culmination of its course is participation in the League II championship in the 2016-2017 season.

It was founded in 1981 by local sailors and fishermen hence the designation as ”the port team”. It has in the trophy case of 1 league A1′ Corfu, 2 championships 2 2nd Corfu and 1 championship 3rd Corfu as well as a Super Cup. For the institution of the cup, the top moment was participation in the 2015 final. Also, the Asteras team participated in the Super Cup in 2016.

The organized fans of A.O Asteras Petritis are the “Piranxas” who always follow Asteras both inside and outside the island. They are the first organized fans of Corfu and their members consist of residents of the village.

Team colors: Red-Blue Te
am Emblem: StarSeat:
Petriti Municipal Stadium

Board. Asteras Petriti

  1. President: Kourtesis Spyros
  2. Deputy President: Stoupas Leonidas
  3. Vice President: Lessis Spyros
  4. Born. Secretary: Pankratis Kostas of Evgenios
  5. I’m sorry. Secretary: Kaloudis Kostas
  6. Financial Officer: Georgopalis Spyros
  7. General Leader: Gourdoukis Spyros
  8. Head of Public Office. Relations: Stoupas Kostas
  9. Press Officer: Pagkratis Charalambos
  10. Academies Manager: Stoupas Leonidas
  11. Responsible Gps. and Event: Pankratis Kostas, Kalisperatis Antonis
  12. Football Department Manager: Stoupas Spyros
  13. Members: Georgopalis Giorgos, Pagkratis Panagiotis

Coaching Team

Coach: Kouris GiannisGym
nas: Stathopoulos AlexandrosPhy
siotherapist: Kourtesis SpyrosD
octor: Vlachopoulos Kostas